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How to choose the right music teacher

You've seen it before, a crumpled flyer hanging askew on the local coffee shop bullentin board, covered 3-ply deep in flyers dating back to when Sonic Youth was still popular.  You pause at the condiment counter, stirring whatever alternative milk your partner has you...

Planting the seeds of music

Caption: our program director, Zaneta at age 10 practicing with her dad When you tend a garden, the joy you get from the process doesn’t come about very quickly. Nope – the gratification comes with time, patience, and hard work. You don’t expect the plants to rise out...

6 signs your child might be ready for lessons

If you're reading this, chances are you have a kid who seems to love music and yet seems a little young for lessons. Maybe they belt 'Old McDonald' at the top of their lungs. Or somehow they miraculously know all the lyrics to 'Here Comes the Sun.' Or maybe they've...

5 ways to make practice more fun

Practice. Somehow it's linked to chores, expectations, and things we force upon children in the feeble hope that someday they will thank us.  Think again.  Remember taking piano lessons with the neighborhood cat lady? Do you recall the first time she told you to...

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