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5 Instruments to Play, part 4 – Woodwinds!

Now for part 4 in our series, 5 Instruments to Play Instead of Piano

Instrument #4: Woodwinds!
aka Saxophone, Flute, and Clarinet

Do you want a great social and emotional outlet for your child? Try a woodwind instrument!

Typically you can’t mention woodwinds without the words ‘band geek’ popping up, but have you ever noticed that kids who played the clarinet or flute really loved it? That’s because kids who play woodwinds have a built in circle of friends.

Unlike solo piano, woodwinds are social instruments and generally grouped into sections of 3 or more players.  So whether it’s in an orchestra, jazz band, or marching band, kids not only learn music, but also have fun playing together with their friends. This kind of sectional playing teaches kids how to cooperate with others towards common goals, rather than compete.

Just like speaking, playing woodwind instruments requires breathing, phrasing, and articulation to communicate emotion and meaning.  So, students work carefully on the emotion and inflection behind each melodic note.  Children learn how to express themselves with clarity and confidence, whether it’s through saxophone lessons or an excursion on the clarinet.

Physically, woodwinds help strengthen lungs and help students visualize, as you can’t see your fingers when you play! And with continued playing your child will develop coordination, as the lungs, throat, mouth, tongue and fingers all have to work together.

So if you want your child to have a great social and emotional outlet, try flute lessons! ..Or clarinet or saxophone for that matter. Your child is sure to love lessons and playing with other children on an instrument that is at the cornerstone of almost every school band program.

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