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Music Meet Up #2: It’s Alive!

We had a blast at our second Music Meet Up this past Sunday! At Music Meet Up #1 in November, students had each played an original composition of their own and each student had picked a name at random and was assigned to learn the composition by the student whose name they picked. We also dared them to try to add or change something, to put their own spin on the piece.

This time, at Meet Up #2,  the students bravely shared their renditions. They did a fantastic job! Here are some highlights:

  • Noah played a drumming version of Marley’s tune Nacho Man (a funny parody of Macho Man by the Village People). Noah didn’t sing the words, and asked the other kids to guess the song – they did, and subsequently all sang along!


  • Franz played Oliver’s “Your Nightmare Song” while the other kids drew an image based on the music. Without being told the title, many of them drew something spooky:

img_0028  img_0029

  • Evan played a drum composition inspired by Noah’s drum composition “Legos”:


  • Marley and Chris played a mash-up of the Charley Brown theme and Reuben’s drum composition “Reu-badger.”
  • Reuben played an improvised drum depiction of 3 Greek gods, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades (inspired by Evan’s drum improv about his own cat from last time). The kids guessed lightning and storms – in Reuben’s words, “that’s really close!”


After that, it was time to bring the Song Monster to life! After a little practice, the kids each played the short melody or beat that they wrote at the last meet up (each melody or beat corresponds with a part of the monster). We heard how it sounded to play the song from the monster’s head down to its foot, and also in reverse.

Practicing the Song Monster

Practicing the Song Monster

We finished off the session with a fun and hilarious “musical chairs” jam, in which Zaneta called out “switch!” every couple minutes and we all traded instruments.

img_0041 img_0038

Looking forward to next time, when we will have a new set of activities to explore and develop the important skills of listening and playing together. Happy New Year!