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“My 9-year-old daughter has been taking piano lessons with Zaneta for the past few years. Unlike traditional piano lessons, Zaneta teaches my daughter not only how to play, but how to improvise and write her own music, which in turn teaches her how to be a good listener, and to simply enjoy music. An added bonus to each lesson is the fact that my daughter gets to explore the many percussion instruments in the same room as the piano, and have a true jam session. My daughter does not dread her weekly lessons. In fact, sometimes she doesn’t even want to leave the lesson. We are so lucky to have found Zaneta, a wonderful, caring instructor who makes lessons not feel so much like lessons.”

-Stephanie, parent of piano student

We love Play Music! We just finished our second year of piano classes in our apartment. Our eight-year old has no interest in learning the traditional way, but has ample natural talent. Chris and Zaneta developed a special curriculum to engage our son and not discourage him, as so many programs do that stick to a rigid method. Though he may not practice as much as we would hope, we follow the philosophy and don’t force it. Even so, his music skills are blossoming in leaps and bounds in such creative ways. Topped off with the occasional jam sessions at their home  with other kids they teach, this is an incredible program. If you want your children to grow up having fun with music, this is the program.  Thank you Chris and zaneta!!”

-Cathleen, parent of piano student

“Zaneta is one of the most outgoing, energetic and fun people I have ever met.  Unlike some other music teachers I have studied with, Zaneta is not intimidating and makes lessons enjoyable. I have never been excited about practicing any instrument before, until I met Zaneta.  Now playing music is one of my favorite things to do and I’m able to appreciate all different genres of music.”

-Eliza, 14 year old drum student

“Chris is not only an exceptional musician but also has a special talent bringing music to children. My two daughters each take lessons with Chris. My oldest daughter is 8 and has practiced drums with Chris for over a year. I am amazed at how she is able to play such complex beats. She has recently started taking piano with Chris as well. They seem to work together seamlessly and my daughter has gained a great understanding and love for music. This excitement has been passed down to my 5 year old daughter who has also started practicing drums. Chris is able to challenge each child on a personal and appropriate level and both girls have fun and are invigorated by their experience. “

Davi, mother of drum and piano students

My 7 year old daughter has been taking piano lessons (with a little marimba thrown in) with Zaneta for over a year now and loves every minute of it. She does not dread her music lessons as I did as a child; she experiences them as fun, creative times when she can be herself and explore music without any judgment of fear of making mistakes. She and Zaneta write songs, jam together and somehow my daughter has learned to read music and sight reading along the way, which is amazing to me. Zaneta has an amazing energy and kindness about her which children must totally respond to – I know mine does. Thanks, Play Music!”

-Lucy, parent of piano student

“Zaneta is a true professional. She is dedicated to the craft of teaching, innovative in her methods, and focused on the learning journey. She has worked with my son, Paul, since he was 4 years old. Working with Zaneta, Paul has developed a love for the drums and an intuitive understanding of the role of percussion in music. Zaneta’s energy and enthusiasm is unflagging and it is an absolute delight to be a part of Paul’s lessons every week. I recommend her without reservation.”

-Jeffrey, parent of drum student

“As a mother of three wonderful children, I was absolutely thrilled with the lessons Chris gave them. The time my children spent with him was fun, filled with creativity, and so enjoyable both for the musicians and anyone lucky enough to hear them playing. Some days Chris taught only one of them, on other days he taught two or three of them together. Now that they are grown and living in different cities, they tell me that their hours spent playing music with Chris and together as a band was some of their favorite family time!

As a pediatrician, I have seen how learning to play an instrument, especially one that can be played in a group, allows children to accumulate new skills, build self confidence, enhance the appreciation of the music that surrounds them in their everyday lives, and provides a safe, ready-made way to make new friends. The injury rate is low, the enjoyment quotient is high for all involved! And Chris and Zaneta are truly professionals… the children (and the parents) of Brooklyn are so lucky to have them!”

-Dr. Levine, parent of three students

“Our 11 year old has had stops and starts with piano teachers for a number of years.  As soon as she met Zaneta, they clicked and she happily realized that piano lessons can and should be fun.  Zaneta is the consummate professional and her easy-going bright spirit makes her a natural to work with children.  She customizes her lesson plan to the individual child-which is why our daughter can play a One Direction tune on the piano.”

-Nancy, parent of piano student

“Chris taught me drums and piano as an adolescent and instilled in me a life-long appreciation of music. The thoughtful and respectful way that Chris teaches is inspiring, which leads students to seek independent learning outside of the classroom. Because lessons aren’t rote dictation, but a logical expansion of the musical skill one already has, learning is comfortable and fun!”

-Matt, drum and piano student

“As an adult who has always loved music and been surrounded by talented musicians, I was intimidated when I finally began to try playing music myself.  I had the aesthetic and ambitions of an adult, but the skills of a beginner.  Meeting with Zaneta to work on my skills and eventually to experience playing music with another person has been an incredible experience.  Her openness, energy, and intuition have been essential to my process of getting comfortable with myself as a drummer; when I felt stuck and inhibited she helped me see my creativity and the artist inside me.  I don’t know whether Zaneta’s greater talent is as a musician or as a teacher; she is gifted at both.”

-Katie, drum student

“It is a miracle that Chris Dingman became a part of our lives. Not only do his music lessons challenge my abilities and provide a fun and entertaining time for all, but he made it a lot easier for me to feel comfortable about leaving my brother at home alone when I left for college. In many ways, he’s like an older brother that watches out for Michael when I am not around, making sure he gets as great a music education as my sister and I had, but still enjoys having a good time like I would if I were around.”

Sam, jazz student

Chris offered guidance that included creative, lively, and fun ways to keep me on track during my lessons. His talents and musical ability shone through by playing instruments to accompany my playing, creating themes of interest, and even composing music for us.  Chris has a passion for music and is a patient, understanding teacher.
Although I was an adult taking lessons, both Zaneta & Chris are very suited to teaching children. Playful & kind couple.

Elaine, adult drum student

“Zaneta is a true gem!  She has an amazing connection with children.  I love her method of teaching.  My daughter loves the fun, rhythmic games they play together.  We unfortunately live in Los Angeles and can only get a lesson a few times a year when Zaneta visits.  I have yet to find an instructor in our area that comes even close to Zaneta.  The east coast is lucky to have her.  Your children will love her and so will you!”

Chrissy, parent of drum student